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There are times that levity helps us through some trying times. It is with that in mind that I recommend that you be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
In my 45 year of public service, I have never seen a person do as beater job of taking charge of a (large scale) situation as well as you did. On the surface, most people would say, "Hell, what is there to shoveling snow, anyone can do that". When you dig down and examine the logistics, coordination, time frame and results, the true quality of leadership is recognized.
To coordinate between 100-200 people at 8 sites, supervise them, provide equipment, feed them, transport them, keep them safe (both from exposure and exhaustion) around the clock and produce the end product of safety to a community with technical assistance from engineers is remarkable. I know you had a lot of help buy you pulled it together from the hands on perspective.

I must say, "Job well done"

Bill Chiarenzelli



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