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AFB Facilities Management

During the 2010-11 fiscal year AFBFM initiated a number of upgrades to improve and enhance the district-wide energy management system.
AFB uses
cutting-edge electricity monitoring technology to track and analyze real-time usage data.  This technology:

  • Shows how facilities consume electricity on every level including: outlets equipment, classrooms, floors, and total building usage
  • Continuously monitors circuit-level consumption data in real-time.
  • Stores data on-site and remotely on secure cloud servers
  • Provides web-enabled electricity monitoring software, where data can be viewed easily from a desktop computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Delivers real insight with custom energy reports
  • Regularly updates software with new tools and  features

  • Exhaust Fans Before

    Before AFB designed a specific prescription for these exhaust fans, all 19 fans were running from 6am to 4pm NON-STOP.  The fans ran throughout the entire weekend even while the building was unoccupied.  The technology that AFB uses allows us to track each circuit and formulate a precise prescription for each piece of equipment.  Running equipment in the most efficient way possible reduces both cost and consumption.
    Exhaust Fans After AFB Prescription

    Exhaust Fans After
    Daily run times reduced and weekend shut-downs

    Inefficiency Detected:  Exhaust fans (19) running from 6am to 4pm every day of the week, including weekends.
    AFB's Prescription:   2.25 hour reduction, to run from 7:00am to 2:45pm, and power down on weekends.

    Total Dollar Savings:   $7,858 or $414 per fan/yr

    Total Electricity Savings:   46,223 kWh/yr

    CO2 Emissions Reduction   34,852 lbs/yr

    Proprietary Energy Management Program
    AFB Energy Wheel    The AFB Proprietary Energy Management Program, outlined in the accompanying diagram, is a multi-year system. AFB begins by immediately implementing a number of energy saving initiatives with no cost to the district. At the same time, AFB's management staff will develop a personalized energy management plan that will maximize building occupant comfort, while minimizing operating costs. Finally, AFB's system doesn't focus solely on short-term energy savings, but instead couples those savings with the development of a long-term energy management plan.
        AFB developed a comprehensive Utility Bill Analysis and Reporting (UBAR) tool which tracks electricity and natural gas consumption and costs by calendar month. AFB's system tracks relevant utility data (such as Peak KW Demand, electrical consumption/generation, price per unit) for each facility for the micurrent fiscal year and provides side-by-side comparisons to the previous two fiscal years.
    Monthly Reporting
        AFB will provide monthly utility reports to the Superintendent and BOE Facilities committee. It is expected that these reports will document at a minimum, budgeted costs versus actual costs, forecasted consumption versus actual consumption, and trend analysis for all consumption categories. All reports will provide a comparative analysis to historical utility data.
        These reports will serve as a monthly progress and quality control check for all activities related to AFB's Proprietary Energy Management Program. Further, it will provide real-time analysis of the utility budget allocated for each facility and compare last year's usage and cost to this current year's actual utility bills.

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager:
    AFB will submit monthly utility data into the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) "Portfolio Manager" application. AFB will also provide monthly Energy Star Rating reports and trending for each facility to the superintendent.

    Always Giving 100%!                                          AFB's Energy Audit Process       

    AFB has a designated team whose mission is to gather valuable insight into where your energy dollars are being spent.  Our experience has enabled us to pinpoint areas of excessive energy waste.  AFB's systematic approach to evaluating systems can reveal information that will allow you to get your energy costs under control.  Systems such as heating and cooling, boilers, hot and cold water, and lighting are all areas where our specialists have helped countless schools and facilities save energy dollars and minimize their carbon footprint.

    AFB will provide monthly energy report cards for each school and the district as a whole using our proprietary Utility Bill Analysis and Reporting (UBAR) tool UBAR identifies billing errors, streamlines utility data entry and provides the most accurate energy reporting Monthly reporting enables AFB to identify problems, evaluate building performance and affect change in a timely fashion.

    AFB Energy Bar Chart


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